I’ve always been a bit off-put by those asking to exchange links. Although I do not want blogrolls to become some elitist blog-sharing platform (whatever that means, man), I don’t want to just trade for your recommendation, I want to earn it. Here are some damn good anime blogs have earned their place on mine.

2D-Teleidoscope (retired) – Legendary anime wiseman, soulful romantic and tea aficionado.
Altair & Vega – Vuc and cronies. Fantastic articles.
Atelier Emily – Co-founder and ex-writer of Altair & Vega. Comfy, warm, sweet.
Bateszi Anime Blog – Anime fans forever (who also don’t have an RSS feed)
Behind the Nihon Review – Totally non-inconspicuous link to another blog I write for!
Ha Neul Seom (inactive) – The absolute greatest.
Isn’t It Electrifying? – .Hack//Sign is terrible.
Listless Ink – Yuri, fashion, Yi.
Satchiikoma – A real guy’s guy.
The Cart Driver – Scamp has shit taste, Inushinde doesn’t, Shinmaru’s doing alright.
UNMEI KAIHEN (retired) – Absolutely hilarious. Went Cart Driving.
We Remember Love (retired) – Robots and super robots forever.


3 thoughts on “Blogroll

  1. I know I’m technically on here, but I don’t get a description?

    And if it’s because you think I haven’t earned a place, well I guess I’ll just have to fix that won’t I? 🙂

  2. lol, I kneel down and pray before I go to bed every night that “Scamp has shit taste” becomes a meme. Spread the good word brother!

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