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12 Days of Hardcore Marathoning: Inferno Cop was a good show.

Post is kinda an excuse to use this picture but yolo
Post is kinda an excuse to use this picture but fuck it, YOLO. Source: mitaknight

Inferno Cop was fucking yonkers. I don’t think I’ve witnessed such a densely concentrated force of pure absurdity ever before, but damn, Inferno Cop is among the silliest I’ve ever seen. It’s one of those series which manages to combine a number of crazy shit, ranging from geysers exploding out of pregnant women to dinosaur-fighting mecha cops, along with bad animation and killer voice acting and still manages to come out a real winner. Inferno Cop himself is a completely ridiculous caricature of ultraviolent early 90’s anime protagonists and every one of his equally ridiculous cohorts bounces off him to create some of the most insane comedy gold this year. Inferno Cop is the kind of anarchic comedy genius which is funny the third, fourth, and fifth time around and ceases to be any less entertaining with every watch. It’s worth a watch.


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