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12 Days of Hardcore Marathoning: Way Too High to Write about Free! Right Now

You think shit is crazy? It's fucking mind-blowing when you're high.
You think this shit is crazy? It’s fucking mind-blowing when you’re high.

Oh man, I fucked up this one. My ex recently got back from a week-long snowboarding trip earlier today, so the two of us, as close as we are, today decided to finish Free! together. Before we went on our two-week road trip through California, watching Free! on Wednesdays was sort of weekly ritual between the two of us, and both us were totally digging the biceps. When a good mutual friend of ours whom we met on our road trip called to tell me that she was in the area, my agenda for the day was pretty much confirmed to be watching every episode Free! with them.

Unfortunately, one thing lead to another and seven-something bowls later, I’m sitting in front my computer zoning out harder than I’ve ever zoned out before. While I admit this may have been one craziest anime viewing experiences I’ve had since a certain Kenya Boy incident earlier this year and that it was good to catch up with friends, this was clearly the wrong decision. If this and getting lost in LAX’s Southwest Airlines terminal while being blazed out of my mind wasn’t a clear sign to stop smoking weed, I don’t know what is. All I can really do right now is admit defeat and leave you readers an IOU for a Free! article sometime soon. But for now, it’s time to just lie down, make nachos, and watch the rest of Fast 5.


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