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12 Days of Hardcore Marathoning Begins with An Update

I’ve been slacking.

I don’t think it’s any real secret that I’ve been nearly absent from the blogosphere since I went on my road trip about four months ago. Immediately afterwards, I started attending college in Los Angeles and needless to say, college life has been very busy. I don’t think I’ve gotten a day of sleep during the weekdays past 10 hours and though I can’t say that college life has been rather stressful, it’s certainly been difficult juggling a social life and academics.

However, my biggest regret is sidelining my hobbies and the people I associated with previously to keep up what I am doing now. I’ve been keeping myself distant to enjoy everything that I couldn’t do back home, but now I realize that it’s possible to have your cake and eat it too. Keeping up with college life is difficult and time-consuming, but if you want something, you make time. And everything considered, the time to watch anime definitely exists.

So where does that put me now? Well, nearly almost two seasons behind on anime. And fuck that shit, man. There are shows I want to watch, damnit. But on the positive side, I can definitely, easily catch up. There are three weeks of near free time until I go back and catching up and staying caught up are entirely a possibility. Living the Honey & Clover dream and keeping up with anime isn’t really too hard. It just takes a bit of effort.

Fortunately enough for me, by the awesome power of UNMEI, I arrived on the day that 12 Days posts start to come out. And so twelve (well, eleven since I woke up at 8pm after my flight) days of hardcore fuckin’ marathoning begins in order to get a “Best of 2013” post by the end of the year. And my goal, at the very least, is managing to get non-shitty articles with substance in them like I did last year, instead of just briefly describing marathoning every episode of Project ICE (it’s only three episodes, but each episode takes fifteen years). It might not be the best start since I’m putting this out 15 minutes before the first day ends, but I’ve got this in the bag.

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