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A Year Goes On

I really don’t know where to start.

As I’m writing this, I’m in middle of an impromptu road trip throughout California and I’m sharing evening machiattos (my treat), with my girlfriend, my ex, and a wonderful Amish girl I just met named Holly, who’s traveling the world on her eternal rumspringa. Minutes ago, I let slip that I do write about anime and that today does happen to be my blog’s one year anniversary, so at the behest of these three, I’m writing, well, this, on Holly’s Macbook because one (or more likely, all three) of them won’t stop kicking me under the table until I do it. But whatever this is, it’s appropriate: after all, anime blogging was the beginning of this trip. It’s only fair to say something back.

For the last four days, I’ve been driving aimlessly throughout the expanse of California with six of my closest friends. How or why we decided to go on a directionless pilgrimage through California is fairly vague; we decided this on a whim and never looked back. The seven of us tossed away our phones, made up blatant lies to our folks and then set out on the road with only the junk in our pockets and the clothes on our backs. It’s almost unbelievable that I’m out doing this, but here I am.

But as vague as our intentions for leaving (I suppose I’m still figuring out mine), I guess this all started with a conversation about anime, of all things. Some friends asked why I was late to lunch, so I told them that I spent my morning with a bunch of anime bloggers watching a talking motorcycle and a kid travel from town to town. One of them laughed “We should try that someday,” and I joked back, “We can, and today!” And we actually did it! A conversation about anime of all things started this.

And that conversation about Kino’s Journey started with joining an anime watch group and that started with starting anime blogging. If I didn’t join the blogosphere, I doubt I’d be in SCCSAV and I doubt I would have had the conversation to start that trip. And yes, I’m sure you can go further down the line, but let’s stop here for now. Anime blogging began a chain of tiny coincidences that eventually amounted to huge decisions. A year ago I took up blogging on a spur of the moment impulse, and now I’m here on a spur of the moment trip because of it.

Would I be out here if I didn’t pick up blogging anime? Who the hell knows. It’s a golden drop in an ocean of “what if’s” and just about any conversation could have started this road trip. But here I am, living the Honey and Clover dream, “getting lost” across California hundreds of miles away from home. Quite frankly, I don’t care if it could have been anything else which started this: anime blogging was my start to the best few days in the most interesting year of my life. So long as anime blogging can inspire me to do crazy shit like this, I think I’ll keep doing it.

Also, if you meet a pretty twenty-year-old blonde girl named Holly Raber driving around the US, buy her a coffee or a beer or something. Coolest person ever, for real.

2 thoughts on “A Year Goes On

  1. It may have fully started when I randomly caught your tweet about watching SAO with Natasha on that day, but I’m really glad to got to know ya dude (well, as much as I can from an online relationship). Hope your trip goes well, your parents don’t find this blog, and you come back soon.

  2. Tl;dr version: “It’s all because of that roguish rapscallion, fathomlessblue! Always there for you! Even with the flu! Tu-tuturu!

    I love me some road-trips and random excursions; find those hidden highways, I say. Canal barges are pretty sweet too. I’m actually heading stateside for a 3 week road trip myself this winter. Details just need to be ironed out. My friends want to go to New York and Miami. I want to go to Albuquerque. Because why not?

    Anyway, congrats on one year down and all that jazz. And remember, ponies are your friend! Always.

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