A Night from a Comic Book

I’ve decided to start a journal. Why not? This is a blog after all. But as a year approaches since this blog’s anniversary, I’ve come to realize Click, the internet persona, isn’t entirely the same person as Carlo Vasquez, the bad influence and historically shitty boyfriend. But let’s see where they intersect. Some reflection and sharing can be good for the soul. It’ll be my H&C bike ride to the tip of Japan.

It went something like this. Click to enlarge.
It looked something like this. Left to right, weebs (Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe, click to enlarge). 

Ever have a night right out of fiction?  Last night I had one. Right out of a favorite: Scott Pilgrim. Same Cuervo (gold, of course) and everything. Jung would call it synchronicity and a weeb would call it unmei; whatever the case, we were almost reading lines from a script. Cool enough. I’m sure many of us including me would upgrade to Cowboy Bebop, but this was nice too.

As usual, it was Peyton’s house party and as usual, it was themed. A really lazy theme, actually. “Wear plaid” was all we got to go by, but hey, good enough, her house is built like a fortress. Plus, she gave us all something to complain about, so it was a good compromise. Plaid shirts and dresses it was.

Two hours drunker, I was having a conversation with an ex of mine, Casey, upstairs. I’ve known her for over fourteen years: we even used to play soccer together. We’ve dated on and off, but a year ago we decided it wouldn’t work out. Still, she’s my best friend, the Kim Pine to my Scott Pilgrim, to put it in shameful nerd terms. She bought me my first pack of cigarettes and I gave her first beer; both habits have yet to die out.

My current girlfriend I’ve known for not nearly as long. I asked her for her number on a plane to Los Angeles less than a month ago, and through the awesome power of unmei, we’d eventually find out that we’re going to the same college, attending to the same orientation, going to be eating at the same In-N-Out and that she’s living in Sacramento for the summer. We even share a mild peanut allergy. Of course we hit off immediately in LA and started dating.  She’s the new kid on the block, but she and my ex managed to hit off just as well. The three of us now hang out, frequently.

So it’s really no surprise that we’d later spend the night talking on Peyton’s brother’s tacky water-bed, drinking Cuervo Especial out of the handle, all in plaid dresses, bow ties, and flannels. It was a dumb, semi-conscious conversation between the three of us, right out of the image above. There was something on majors, relationships and Pacific Rim (a movie none of us saw), from what I remember. But just when I managed to get into a full tequila fetal position around 4AM something, this slipped out:

“You guys… I love you guys, guys,” Casey slobbered out. “Especially you guys, you guys.”

Of course I made fun of her. “Awww, Case. Don’t you just love us?”

“Yeah. But you two compadres are the best part of my day, like, you know. I’ll miss you.”

I pretended to pass out and everyone drifted off. She’s not coming to L.A. with us. She has her goals, up north, and we have our own, down south. In one month we’ll be living in different cities and I’ll be a year older, contributing to Los Angeles’ famous smog cloud. Leave the past behind. What a horrible saying.

I still don’t know quite how to respond. Four weeks left to find out.

7 thoughts on “A Night from a Comic Book

  1. I remember what a shock it was to learn that you, who seemed like such a knowledgeable geek and intellectual, turned out to be a guy just out of high school who does the kinds of things my mother and father tell me to stay away from. (haha) I would probably not even try to be friends with you if I knew you in real life, but that doesn’t mean I think any less of you. I might seek the plains over the valleys and hills in life but that doesn’t mean I can’t learn not to judge a book by its cover. Funnily enough, I learn a lot more from posts like these than I do from the ones about anime and philosophy.

    1. Ohoho, so I can’t be both a scholarly geek and a badass free spirit at the same time? I see how it is, friend. 😉

      On plains versus valleys, stability can be wonderful thing, so long as you’re not dependent on it. Along the line, I’ve learned to upgrade any of my attachments into preferences. The freedom of nonattachment is pretty elating, a tiny trick I picked up from Buddhism and Sufism. And I’d have to say, nonattached stability is pretty rad!

      1. Nah, I have total respect for your point of view, mate. The more of a free spirit you are, the less trapped you are by orthodox ways of thinking. Sort of lets you jump the gun when it comes to developing your own philosophy and overall maturity. Hence why I originally mistook you for being a lot older than you actually were.

        I accept that there are other completely valid ways of “doing life correctly”. I choose to revolve my life around stability because I think it promises the greatest probability for long-term happiness. Unfortunately, this also means I avoid a lot of things that could cause me more potential harm than gain and sometimes that extends to people as well. I miss out on a lot of cool things. Nonattached stability does sound pretty rad indeed!

    2. Exactly what Froggykun said – I’d sworn you were in your late 20s for sure, and half of your antics seem to be straight out of AD/DC or Van Halen song. And I find out I learn quite a bit about you, myself, and just plain life from these posts. 🙂

  2. Separations used to be so tough. And then Facebook and Skype were created and everything just went down the shitter. 😛

    Also, cigs and alcohol suck dude.

    1. Fourteen years over the internet are different from fourteen years in person. As a person who believes all relationships are a product of time, I’d even suggest that physical time together moves faster than that from a distance. You’ll meet someone who sucks to leave for a day or so, eventually, guaranteed. 😉

      1. Yeah, my first full attempt at Internet communication was terrible. Never actually got into the whole Skype/Twitter/Facebook thing until I started blogging. And…wow was I terrible at using them at first.

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