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The 12th Day of Christmas at Last: No.

The only scheduled post I've ever done.
The only scheduled post I’ve ever done.

No. Just no.

I’m sorry that I’m Evangelion’ing the shit out of you guys, but don’t spend your Christmas day hunched over the computer reading from this blog. If you were wondering why I put my most important topic the day on Christmas Eve, well, now you know why. I treasure my readers, but today is Christmas, and it just isn’t the time for that. Spend Christmas with friends, family, and the other people who matter to you most. Don’t worry, this blog will be here for you to read tomorrow, and the day after next, and the day after next. Theist or not, it really doesn’t matter to me: today is a day best spent with those you care about.

Seriously, what the hell are you still doing here?!

Merry Christmas, guys.

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