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12 Days of Christmas: SCCSAV, Twitter, and Cell Phones at the Bottom of Lake Tahoe

I... I didn't write one article about Jojo. I have failed you all as a blogger and I am sorry.
I… I didn’t write one article about Jojo. I have failed you all as a blogger and I am sorry.

Now granted, Twitter itself isn’t exactly about anime per se, but it has ultimately been one of, if not the, most dynamic influences in my anime viewing experience. Fortunately the 12 Days Aniblog project is not only about shows which we remember most, but also about the smaller things which we’ve come to appreciate throughout our year. On the first day of Christmas, I talked about starting my blog, and how writing and dissecting the smaller parts of pornographic Chinese cartoons has since changed my views on the medium as a whole. But really, my blog is just small glimmer, shining out their in a sea of glittering stars, so many far more talented and brighter than my own. Instead of echoing sentiments about one of the smaller blogs out there, I’d rather talk about something bigger than myself.

There’s a beauty in being able to express thoughts in simple 140 character messages on the internet. If you were yell out your thoughts on your streets, few would take notice and several would think “yeah, fuck that guy.” But this isn’t what happens on Twitter. It’s true that many of the things we yelp out aren’t as personal as much as they are funny and it’s true that in many of my own messages you’ll find stinging complaints about Sword Art Online to unending praise about Jojo’s OP’s (watch it or I’ll come after you 10 years later and feast on your firstborn child). However, many of the conversations what later stemmed from these teeny tiny 140 characters have been meaningful, and none can I brush off as meaningless or trite. And through Twitter, I was invited to this crazy thing called SSCSAV, a place where a bunch of anime fans can discuss a scene where two massive beefcakes beat the living shit out of each other and do it for hours. It’s been nothing short of enlightening.

I’ve written at length that anime isn’t a lonesome activity but rather a social one. It’s an activity and a hobby which brings people together more than it separates them; through forums, through blogs, and through group calls, anime has kept a countless number of people together and made several communities of its fans. Some are casual, some are hardcore (the latter is much more likely if  you blog), but in the end there’s a relative connectivity and interesting level of closeness between the fans. It’s when I look back at these times and the years before that I realize that this has been by far the best year that I’ve spent watching anime.

A week or so after I started my blog, I drove up to a lake with a group of my closest friends, and as luck would have it, dropped my phone into the lake. When I think back on it, and how little things have changed since losing that hunk of metal, I realize that a social life is not built around what you use to communicate, but rather your desire to build those hard-earned moments of discourse. Zero things has changed about my social life since then; if anything has, then it’s been for the better, as conversations between my friends and I have progressed between a simple game of thumbs. Gone are the days of John Guare’s Six Degrees of Separation; innovation has since lessened those digits to less than three. Now I refuse to draw a line between the friends I’ve met in school or at work with the friends that I’ve met on the internet and I certainly refuse to designate only one of these groups as “real life.” Everything said is real. Nothing experienced is imaginary.

So for those of you out there who have yet to know me, from the lurkers to the shadows, to the shy and to the lonely, know this: if you ever wish to seek out my hand, I’ll reach out as well.

My contact information is on my About page below the banner. If you would like to find me, feel free to start there, or even here. Leave a comment, mate.

Stray Snippets

  • In writing this post, I just realized that The Cart Driver’s Shinmaru was my first commenter, first reader, first follower on Twitter, first person to encourage me to join SCCSAV, and possibly the first viewer on Pretense with Glasses aside from myself. Holy shit, dude. Thank you.
  • I consider Christmas Eve the most important day of the 12 Days Project. It’s not Christmas itself, but it’s also the highest point of waiting and eagerness during the holiday season. Don’t spend your time on Christmas day reading from my blog; spend it with your friends and family who matter, on the internet or otherwise.
  • If you’re not on aniblogger Twitter, you’re missing out on gold like this. You’re a good person, Cher.

10 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas: SCCSAV, Twitter, and Cell Phones at the Bottom of Lake Tahoe

  1. Shinmaru was the first person in the anime community to follow me on Twitter too. Not quite sure how that happened. Nor am I really sure how I ended up following you and your blog, given that I have a strict rule regarding following people on Twitter and you weren’t on Anime Nano at the time, which is the only thing I really use when searching for anime blogs.

    Glad I did though, as evidenced by your placement on my blogroll. How does it feel to know that you’re one of the top ten anime blogs I love to read?

    1. Feels good knowing that man, haha. It also feels good knowing that the blog doing this also records our group chats so he can use them for masturbatory purposes.

      I know your game, you sick fuck.

  2. I am the greatest! Honestly, though, I wasn’t surprised to see you start up a blog, because I’d seen you comment at numerous places, and you always had something to say. It was only a matter of time!

  3. You better be sorry about the lack of Jojo’s.

    Twitter is the one thing I haven’t found the inspiration to jump into just yet. I will definitely, eventually, extend myself to that field as well. There’s certainly a lot to be said about wanting to be involved in the anisphere Twittersphere clusterthingermajig.

  4. You have ONE DAY to write a post on JoJos. You can still pull this out, man.

    You can count me as another disciple of the Church of Shinmaru.

    SAO Saturdays and Shounen Sundays has been easily the best thing to come out of starting a blog for me, no question. Like you say, it’s the people that make the difference. Shinmaru brought me in, I came for Hunters and JoJos, and I stayed for you guys. It took me a while to pin down the starter of the food-gun fiasco as the guy behind this blog, though, I must say.

    To a glorious new year of Aniblog, Twitter, and Skype-chatting mayhem!

    1. B-but, he told me I was his first….

      Anyways, I’m grateful that you started tagging along with us, man. After all, i-it’s not l-like you’re my number one commenter or anything! Now that SAO Saturdays have ended though, we have the difficult task of finding a new trainwreck/magnum opus to hop along with. If we ever find a new thing watch (genuinely good or otherwise), we’ll definitely get on that, mate!

      And with Taco Bell guns. Lots of that shit too.

      1. I didn’t start my blog until shortly after you started yours, so you were his first after all.

        Well, I’m going to be watching Kenya Boy eventually, so we may try to set up a watch for that. However, I am sadly not seeing anything next season that looks like it will fill the void that SAO has left in our hearts. At least we still have JoJos, and Hunters doesn’t look like it’ll end anytime soon.

        Taco Bell guns? My, how this has escalated. No longer content with just shooting guacamole, the guns now shoot ENTIRE TACO BELL RESTAURANTS.

    2. Bakumatsu Ginjinden Roman is not only being produced by the guys who made Gun Samurai, but was also based off of a Pachinko game. And gee, what was the last anime based off a Pachinko game? Oh, that’s right, a little series called Rio: Rainbow Gate.


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