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12 Days of Christmas: A Brief Post not about Cross Game

Goddamn, Azuma is such a badass.
Goddamn, Azuma is such a badass.

This year, I watched Cross Game. I’ll keep this article short.

You won’t find any thematic analysis or symbolic interpretations in this article. You won’t find any psychological breakdown of any of the characters or a blurb on their relationship to the hero’s journey or even how their chemistry is pure, unbridled and rivaled by very few shows. And you certainly won’t find anything about the wonderful flow of the series or how nothing in the show ever at anytime feels like it drags on. Much like Now and Then, Here and There, the less I say about this wonderful series, the better. Those of you who have seen the show won’t find any of value here, and if you do choose to do so, then I highly suggest you search elsewhere, possibly here.

While originally I was planning on writing something regarding some of the heavier elements of Cross Game and how one important recurring theme in particular constantly makes the world of Cross Game go round, I’ll say absolutely nothing about it. The more I wrote about that topic, the more I realized that publishing that article would be taking away so much, too much, from that wondrous first episode. Saying a single thing about it would be an irredeemable act of injustice towards the anyone who later decides to watch it. Cross Game may in fact be one of the easiest series which one could spoil: I’ve written previously about a one, single character who stood out to me in particular (the first real editorial on my blog, no less), but those are words best saved for those who have seen the show.

Earlier I listed things I wouldn’t give to you. But I will give to you reader out there is this: a recommendation. Not to see the entire length of Cross Game’s 50 episodes, as that would be rather presumptuous of me, but rather just one. The first episode is more than enough. Enough to convince me that you out there will be perfectly willing to pick up the rest, and if you don’t take to those brief, idyllic moments in the characters’ youth, then perhaps this series is not for you.

And I’ll leave you readers just one more thing, an already damning spoiler in its own right, and then we’ll bring this brief collection of words to a close: it’s about Kitamura Kou and Tsukishima Aoba. That is all.

5 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas: A Brief Post not about Cross Game

  1. I’m about halfway through this series right now. I won’t say anything either, apart from how attached I’ve grown to the main characters in what feels like a short time.

  2. Wonderful, wonderful series. The leads are two of my very favorite characters. The manga is so good as well – I just finished collecting the North American release.

    1. Ah, they might be my favorite couple in all my anime viewing experience. All of the characters have so much chemistry together.

      The author of Cross Game, Mitsuru Adachi, is actually one of the more famous mangaka out there and a lot of his other baseball series have reached very high acclaim. It’s definitely worth taking a look at his other series!

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