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Moyashimon Returns 5 & 6


MoyashimonThis week, Moyashimon Returns returns to Moyashimon.

In previous weeks, Moyashimon was really off track. The charms of the first season just weren’t nearly as prominent. Granted, there isn’t really an established formula for good anime, but it’s fairly easy to point out where Moyashimon’s strengths lie. Moyashimon was great at establishing instantly memorable characters with great chemistry, creating a unique and fun atmosphere and schooling environment, having extremely cute bacteria with shockingly sharp tongues, showcasing extremely disgusting and oddly appealing fermented food, and being fairly educational in general. The first four episodes tried to emulate the greatness of the first season, but it didn’t work. However, with this, it all changes.

Here’s another distraction from my shitty writing

This entire arc so far has been absolutely awesome. Everything mentioned above was here and incredibly well. I personally love Moyashimon’s school setting the most out of all its other boons, and if it didn’t pop out earlier, it definitely did here. The school is so wacked out and zany that it’s hard not to like. From watching a storm of angry shoppers annihilate an American football team to an absolutely hilarious boxing match to earn teaching credentials, the setting delivers. The school festival arc from the first season was clearly the most memorable, and here it shows once again.

But what would Moyashimon be without alcohol? Any scene with alcohol, no matter completely disgusting, in Moyashimon is a guaranteed plus. Again we’re treated to another entertaining lesson on the making of pulque courtesy of Kawahama (who I’m increasingly sure is actually from Mexico) and seeing Oikawa and Kei attempting to attract customers and raise funds with cosplay is always a delight (Oikawa had to end up in that bunny costume from the OP somehow). But the absolute highlight of the last two episodes was the auction in the always depraved male dormitory. After this, I’m entirely convinced that watching numerous losers in the male student body bidding for alcohol with their favorite idols gum inside can never not be funny.

However, I still have one major complaint about Moyashimon Returns. My main beef is with the bacteria. In the previous season, a large majority of A. Oryzae’s educational themes were much shorter so that it wouldn’t cut into the show’s time, and if there was an educational tidbit, it’d be told by another character, usually Itsuki or Kei, to give insight into their characters. After all, the point of Microbe Theater was to give in-depth after-the-credits educational lessons on what happened in the show. But in Moyashimon Returns, their teachings are lengthened extensively, possibly to take up an extra minute of the show. While the bacteria are admittedly cute and also important to the show, Moyashimon isn’t about the bacteria, it’s about a guy who can see them and people who revolve around him. Cute bacteria can only go so far.

Plot-wise there’s also been few interesting developments. With Hasegawa being shipped off to another country, it’s become clear that Itsuki may be developing a retrieval effort. After studying the map, wine, and grapes in the OP, it’s highly probable that the entire cast is headed off to somewhere in Europe, possibly Italy or France. Regardless, I’ll be looking forward to how the cast raises up the funds to go. From episode 6 we can clearly determine that Itsuki has rather powerful connections and the rest of the girls are already set on purchasing tickets to follow Hasegawa. With that, the remainder of the episodes should be very interesting.

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